Perfect timing Historically low interest rates have created an ideal environment for IT investment.   As accountants, you will understand the advantages of low interest-rate periods for business investment. Borrowing money to improve business productivity has never been cheaper, and the federal government is keen to see banks lending to build businesses, rather than continuing to infl ate house prices. Investing in improved IT systems and hardware is one such area that most businesses should be considering. Although our currency is not as strong as it has been and we have seen IT hardware prices rise, cloud offerings are still getting cheaper as more competition comes online. Additional incentives

köp Cialis på nätet Kalmar There is no question that updating systems or migrating to cloud platforms is an expensive proposition. However, there are compelling reasons to move to new technology. Security has become one of the key drivers. By now, we should all be aware that Microsoft’s Windows 2003 server is end-of-life and should be replaced before July 2015 when support is withdrawn. If the business you work in is one of the thousands out there with one or more 2003 servers still running, you need to ensure it is replaced and shut down before it becomes a very big security risk. opzioni binarie trading system truffa The solution may be to move all of the old server functions to new cloud providers, such as Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Offi ce 365, Dynamics CRM Online, NetSuite or Xero. Alternatively, you may need a hybrid solution of some cloud services and some traditional infrastructure, depending on the nature of your business and its applications. This action should have been planned last year and smoothly rolled out during the first half of this year. If you haven’t done so, you will need to take some very swift action.

investire in borsa con le opzioni binarie With the Aussie dollar still likely to lose ground, these solutions are likely to become more expensive the longer you wait. With the impact of the new budget set to drive the dollar lower to aid our manufacturing industry, there is even more motivation to invest sooner.

Reducing risk

Of course, in making this IT investment, there needs to be a clear benefi t in the form of improved productivity in your business or reduced risk of loss. The productivity gains will depend on your industry and how technology can aid what you do. That is always worth exploring, as a step change in technology can revolutionise or wipe out an entire industry. The risks are also difficult to quantify. With crypto viruses, we all learned that data can be locked away and held to ransom. This is a very visual form of attack, but there are many other less visible forms of attack that go undetected until they have had a signifi cant impact.

The risks are clearly growing, as evidenced by the co-ordinated attack on multiple banks in the US in August 2014, resulting in hundreds of millions of US dollars being pushed out of ATMs to waiting recipients.

The risks are around downtime and permanent loss of data and IP stored on computers, or direct theft and fraud. Don’t wait to be a victim. Plan and execute your investment in technology while the fi nancial conditions are right.

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