Brave new world Psycho-geodemographics may seem like a futuristic term, but for Amanda King, the marketing practice of analysing attitudes based on customers’ locations was her career starting point in London back in the late 80s.

iqoption bonus 200 “These were the days before computers, so I had to work with raw data and statistics!”

follow Working with data for most of her life, it was only natural for Amanda to move in to the digital realm, where data and statistics are now being used to form comprehensive digital strategies. With 12.3 million Google Analytics users, 3.5 million HootSuite users and over 42 million pages on Facebook with free Insights , more businesses, small and large are turning to big data to build and grow their own digital presence. However, data is just one part of the bigger picture. Getting more businesses online is the main challenge. The latest MYOB Business Monitor Report revealed that only 12% of Australian small-to-medium-enterprises (SMEs) have a business website and a social media site. Those who have a business website and a social media site were at least 63% more likely to see revenue rise than those who don’t have one of these sites. The benefits of digital media for business growth cannot be ignored. Amanda presented “How relevant are you in today’s digital world?” at the inaugural IPA National Congress on November 9, and she thinks the number one mistake SMEs make when it comes to social media is thinking about the Internet in a different light to traditional marketing methods.

source site “SMEs are bamboozled by social media because media companies and platforms want them to be. There’s too much choice- they don’t view it as simple.

see “They also don’t understand how their audiences are using digital in their daily lives. My Congress presentation is on change and how to embrace this digital revolution for greater business success. Hopefully the presentation will allow delegates to understand the change and start telling their own brand story online.”

Köpa Viagra Sölvesborg In 2012 Amanda established Dollhouse Content after a successful stint as the APJ region President of Tribal DDB; a global digital advertising agency, where she steered the agency from just four offices to 18 and increasing revenues by 400% and profitability by 800%, in less than six years. The Tribal DDB APJ region was named Agency of the Year two years in a row and Amanda was named Digital Agency Head of Region.

bynari trading Amanda’s passion, above data and statistics, is brand stories. Dollhouse Content builds the path to telling a brand story by providing transformation strategies for companies. She strongly believes any company can succeed with the right messaging and audience awareness.

binary options opinioni “When creating Dollhouse Content, I saw an opportunity to tell brand stories online, moving away from the latest gimmick or campaign to creating more personality and value. These are two characteristics that can define positive change online. “Brands need to understand that they have to have a point-of-view in the digital landscape.”

She’s right: a recent Forrester Research report advocated for the use of branded content, compared to traditional advertising due to audiences’ shifting perception and their increasingly skeptical view of promotional material. Branded content provides added value to customers or clients and is designed to build an affinity with the audience, not solely to sell a product. It’s this kind of relationship building that gets results online: the report found that seventy percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, but only 10% trust advertising.

Any other secrets to success on social media?

“Be honest and engaging: ask for participation from online users. Make sure you have value to share if you want value back.

“Really take the time to understand who you want to influence online.”

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