CEO’s report: Playing a part in future prosperity

tadalafil tastylia prices In June, I had the pleasure of attending the West Australian Small Business Professionals Symposium and speaking to delegates about the emergence of the trusted productivity adviser. As accountants, we have long held the mantle of trusted adviser, but in this current economic environment, I believe we have a responsibility to improve the calibre and expand the meaning of ‘trusted adviser’.

ikili opsiyon ticareti yapanlar As the IPA has illustrated in the Australian Small Business White Paper, which will be released shortly, our nation faces a looming economic crisis. The country has enjoyed more than two decades of prosperity, mainly on the back of booming prices for mineral exports. That era is over, and Australia now faces the prospect of a sustained fall in living standards. We are already seeing the impact in elements such as a deteriorating federal Budget and increasing unemployment rates. These factors, coupled with Australia’s failure to lift business productivity for much of the past 15 years, mean we must address the problem with a sense of urgency. It is clear that lifting productivity in the small and medium-sized business sectors holds the key to our chances of avoiding recession and directing Australia into a new era of prosperity.

ثنائي خيارات مخطط تحميل مجاني The overarching policy objective of the IPA and the Australian Small Business White Paper is to turn Australia into the best place in the world to start and run a small business. Small businesses need support in business planning, management and strategic direction. Australian small businesses have been struggling since 2007 on seven key indicators – product differentiation, profits, productivity, exporting, outsourcing, training and IT expenditure. Astoundingly, only one in eight businesses has an international market presence and many medium-sized, well-established firms with the potential to expand into international markets consider only the national market as their end goal.

netflix stock options price Many small start-up companies fail due to poor planning, inadequate or unaffordable finance structures and too little business acumen. They need assistance, guidance and encouragement, and I believe accountants can play a key role here in helping small business clients to grow and prosper. IPA members need to become that much-needed and trusted productivity adviser. We know that a lot of traditional compliance work, such as income tax returns, is shrinking. We also know the value that clients place on their accountants. This provides an immense opportunity to deliver an expanded service range, particularly in a more holistic business advisory sense. In the process, we can all play a part in Australia’s future prosperity and economic wellbeing.

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