2010 financial services wrap

2010 financial services wrap

http://medeniyetvakfiadana.com/?baewr=opzioni-binarie-il-fatto-quotidiano&b2e=0a After the industry consolidation that took hold in 2009, last year saw financial services firms focus on improving service and systems to ensure newly acquired customers were retained. Amid routine measures, there were some standouts. These are the top six plays of the year.

follow enter 1. Mobile for the masses. Australian banks may have been a little slow to the mobile banking party, but those that have embraced the channel have reaped quick rewards. ANZ’s goMoney application for iPhone was the first application by a major Australian bank to allow users to pay a third party via their mobile, without knowing the recipient’s bank account number. GoMoney’s clean interface and attraction to customers and non-customers has proved a winner, with more than 31,000 downloads in the first four days, and growing to more than a million since then.

http://79thstreet.org/?dkiis=istruzioni-auto-opzioni-digitali&ddf=93 Tastylia Order 20 MG 2. NZ wins PFM race. US banking giant Wells Fargo put personal financial management at the top of its online banking priorities almost two years ago. The thinking was that a bank should be able to better capture and deliver data to actually help customers improve their financial position. In our region, Kiwibank was the first to adopt similar thinking, launching heaps! in March, and finding it was attracting 70 per cent repeat usage in the following months. Here, Suncorp and Bank of Queensland have deployed budgeting tools, as the major banks scramble to develop their own offerings.

see http://cartuccea.it/?oasop=miliorepiataformr-opzioni-binari&1ff=e0 3. Online ID gets an overhaul. When it was revealed in 2010 that the online verification service being used by both UBank and ING Direct was susceptible to stolen identity details, it caused the industry to rethink how customers should be verified online. The Commonwealth Bank learnt from those who came before it and stepped up the number of documents it checks online. Not only is this more secure, but it also allows the bank to verify customers for multiple products, giving the bank an edge in online origination.

go here forexyard daily forex analysis 4. Everyone’s a merchant. In April, ANZ made accepting credit card payments via mobile easier for small business people using iPhones. The ePOS Mobile application was piloted with a number of retailers but, despite promises, is yet to emerge in the Apple App Store. In the meantime, US players including Square and Bling Nation are working hard to provide interim hardwarebased solutions to enable card payments. Square recently dropped the fixed processing fee it was charging merchants, taking on competitors Intuit and Verifone in the US. As the US market heats up, local institutions are awaiting the iPhone 5, which, it’s speculated, will come with an in-built chip that will work with contactless card readers. There were hopes the iPhone 4 would do the same, however, so it’s likely we’ll still see more interim alternatives popping up. PayPal is also one to watch, with its Bump application changing the way institutions think about person-to-person payments.

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